Cleaning your ductwork will help eliminate dust, increased efficiency in equipment, keep your healthier, adds life to your equipment, may help relieve allergy symptoms, and get rid of odors from the HVAC system.


Over time, dust and dirt inevitably build up in all duct systems. This makes your HVAC system less efficient, forcing you to run it longer and harder to maintain comfortable temperatures. Not all the dust stays in your system though. Much of it makes its way into the air, covering your floor and furniture and entering your lungs.

Oregon Air Duct Cleaning services the entire state of Oregon focusing on

Portland, Eugene, Medford, and Salem, Oregon.

Oregon Air Duct Cleaning​​




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Our Oregon Duct Cleaning technician experts efficiently remove soot, dust, dirt and debris and other contaminants from your HVAC ducting. Oregon Duct Cleaning uses state of the art equipment in addition to a range to ensure removal that’s timely and efficient and healthy for your home. In turn, our customers get a more efficient and cost-effective HVAC system and a healthy living and breathing environment. Oregon Air Duct Cleaning services the entire state of Oregon focusing on Portland, Eugene, and Salem, Oregon.