Do you have rodents in your crawlspace or attic?


Did you know rats, mice, squirrels, pigeons and bats can transmit diseases to humans through direct contact, food contamination or breathing air that is tainted by their droppings? Histoplasmosis and Hantavirus are two examples of dangerous health conditions caused by rodent contamination. If you have pests in your crawlspace or attic, Oregon Air Duct Cleaning will evaluate your decontamination needs and provide you with a quote. We will also put you in touch with our preferred integrated pest management provider. 


How attic and crawlspace restoration works...


Your attic and crawlspace cleaners will remove the portions of your insulation that are tainted by rodent activity.  With HEPA vacuums, they extract all remaining rodent droppings. Then they apply an EPA registered disinfectant with an electrostatic applicator. If damaged, your vapor barrier will need disposed of and replaced. At this point, your crawl space or attic is clean, and you are ready for new insulation.


Have your air ducts been compromised?


Our Oregon Air Duct Cleaning technicians will inspect your HVAC duct work for damage and rodent activity. It may be necessary to clean your air ducts after remediating a basement or attic rodent problem. The presence of fiberglass insulation, dust and rodent contaminants in your air ducts can be very harmful to your indoor air quality.

Oregon Air Duct Cleaning services the entire state of Oregon focusing on

Portland, Eugene, Medford, and Salem, Oregon.

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Our Oregon Duct Cleaning technician experts efficiently remove soot, dust, dirt and debris and other contaminants from your HVAC ducting. Oregon Duct Cleaning uses state of the art equipment in addition to a range to ensure removal that’s timely and efficient and healthy for your home. In turn, our customers get a more efficient and cost-effective HVAC system and a healthy living and breathing environment. Oregon Air Duct Cleaning services the entire state of Oregon focusing on Portland, Eugene, Medford, and Salem, Oregon.