It’s important for every home and property owner to keep their dryer vents inspected and cleaned regularly.


Despite handling freshly cleaned clothes, linens, and fabric, dryers collect a lot of foreign materials quickly. Every load you run fills your dryer with dirt, dust, and debris. While lint traps go a long way in preventing these particles from entering your dryer vents, they’re not foolproof.


Especially if you’re not cleaning out the lint trap between every load.

Dryer vents are incredibly important to the operation of your drying machine. If they’re compromised, your machine will suffer in performance and be more prone to breaking down. Worst of all, however, a dirty dryer system is a regular cause of home and structure fires.

To make sure your system is performing optimally, you need regular cleaning and inspection. This simple action will help keep your home and business safe while saving you time and money thanks to better dryer performance.

Oregon Air Duct Cleaning services the entire state of Oregon focusing on

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